THERE IS MORE IN US THAN WE KNOW 管工学院成功举办国际生素质拓展训练活动


May 19, School of Management and E-Business (SME) held a one-day Outward Bound activity for international students. Over twenty international students majoring in E-commerce and Logistics Management went to Fuyang city with SME administrators Wang Min and Yu Rongfang.


Outward Bound is one of the most popular outdoor training programmes nowadays. SME organized this activity for the purpose of developing students’ adaptability, confidence, self-awareness and team spirit that the business world now needs. Around 10:00am, the Outward Bound instructor Mr. Liu led all participants to play various interesting games, such as The Da Vinci Code, Big Feet, and so on. Everyone was actively involved in the games for the winning of their groups. After enjoyed delicious self-made barbecue, we continued to experience some exciting activities like off-road motorcycle, live CS, etc.


The one-day Outward Bound ended in a cheerful atmosphere. Through this activity, our students are getting closer with each other. We believe that they will respond more actively to their future study, work and life.