Notice on 2018 Chinese Government Scholarship Application


1. Eligibility

Full-time degree students of undergraduate Grade 2 (inclusive) or above, or postgraduate Grade 2 (inclusive) or above

2. Reward standards

Undergraduates receive a one-time award of RMB 18,000/person; postgraduates receive a one-time award of RMB 30,000/person.

3. Application Method

a. Fixed quotas (4 students): only open to self-financed undergraduate students. Each school can recommend no more than 4 students.

b. Open quotas (3 students): open to both postgraduates and undergraduates (including scholarship students and self-financed students).

4. Application Requirements

a. Have a friendly attitude towards China and excellent performance in China.

b. Observe laws and disciplines, have sound mind and body, and develop themselves in an all-around way.

c. Have excellent academic performance and strong study and research abilities.

d. Under the same conditions, families with difficult economic conditions will be given priority. (Support materials are required)

In open quota recommendations, individuals with outstanding academic performance, active participation in school or social practical activities, outstanding roles in the transmission of outstanding traditional Chinese culture or the promotion of humanities exchanges between China and foreign countries, and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to public welfare are welcomed. Individuals who have been reported publicly or received significant honors and attracted wide public attention should be given priority.

5. Papery Application Material Requirements

a. Fixed quota

1) Study certificate issued by the school;

2) The transcript of academic year 2017/2018 (with an official seal on it)

3) An article entitled "My Story in China" (The subject is not limited, the number of words should be more than 800, unlimited in Chinese or in English)

4) Other support materials (eg, propaganda reports of the applicant, etc.)

b. Open quota

In addition to providing the above materials in accordance with the fixed quota, you must provide the following materials:

1) Proof of article search, acceptance notice (other papers are not accepted as support materials) or proof of participation in publishing monographs

2) Award certificates in national, provincial and municipal competitions or patent certificate, etc.

3) Proof of student cadres or club duties

4) Other proof materials, must be stamped with the official seal of the foreign student department

5) Fill in the “Summary Sheet for 2018 Chinese Government Scholarship Applicants (Open quotas)” according to the above application materials (The template is attached).

6. Application Deadline

      Please submit your application materials to your major school before May 28, 2018.

Attachment1-2018 Chinese Government Scholarship (Fixed Quotas).xlsx

Attachment2-2018 Chinese Government Scholarship (Open Quotas).xls