SME held mid-term meetings with teachers and students


On November 22 and 27, SME held mid-term meetings at SME meeting room with representatives of old students and new students respectively. The meetings were organized for collecting students’ opinions and suggestions about campus life and study. The meeting was hosted by Yu Rongfang, SME vice dean Professor Fu Peihua who is in charge of international students affairs and the director of Academic Affairs office Wang Min were invited and more than 20 students attended the meeting.

The main suggestions the students put forward were as follows:

1. Some teachers’ insufficient English proficiency have to be improved

2. A few teachers didn’t pay enough attention to their teaching

3. The names and contents of some courses are similar

4. It’s better to get the learning materials and syllabus from the teacher before the class

5. The order of courses should be more reasonable (from easy to difficult)

6. The company visits should be much deeper instead of just looking around quickly

7. More internship and job opportunities are needed

8. How to help international students eliminate Chinese language barrier while they are looking for an internship

According to what we collected from the students, SME organized another meeting with teachers and shared the feedback with them.

In the meeting, the teachers agreed to adjust their teaching method, such as sending the learning materials to students in advance, sharing their teaching contents with colleagues to avoid similarity, and so on.

What’s more, SME will continue to arrange more deeper company visits, find more internship and job opportunities, establish more internship and training bases for students, and provide more English training opportunities for teachers.

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