「Happy Birthday to China」管工学院举办“我和国旗合个影”活动



2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of The People's Republic of China. In order to share the joy of National Day with international students, SME organized international students to participate in the activity "Taking a photo with the flag".



Under the organization of the staff of SME International Department, the international students held the Chinese flag in one hand and their own national flag in the other hand. Together with SME deputy party secretary Xu Jingen and the instructors, they fixed the beautiful blessings of China into eternal photos.


After the group photo, everyone enthusiastically sent the most sincere blessings to China, and the smiles on their faces were filled with joy.

活动结束后,我们还采访了已在校学习一年的印度尼西亚学生Kelly (李慧明)以及今年刚入学的马来西亚新生Khor Thing Phong(许庭鸿)。

After the event, we also interviewed Kelly (Li Huiming), an Indonesian student who has been studying at the school for one year, and Khor Thing Phong (Xu Tinghong), a Malaysian freshman who just entered the school this year.

Kelly said, I've been living in China for a year. It's been amazing, I love learning Chinese cultures and I love exploring new places in China. I have been to many cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guilin, Hefei, Ningbo, Suzhou. The sceneries are amazing and I really like the food here. I also love learning Chinese language! I have Chinese friends too and they are very friendly! They helped me a lot to understand Chinese language. I'm very excited to see the festivals too! Finally, I sincerely wish China a happy birthday.



No matter where you come from, no matter who you are. We are facing Chinese flag at the moment, just want to record the birthday wishes for China in the photo wish the friendship between China and all countries last forever. This is not only the wishes from SME, it's also the wishes from ZJSU, the wishes from all over the world.