Notice on the application of ZJSU scholarship and SME scholarship for international students of 2020/2021 academic year


Dear SME international students,

The application of ZJSU scholarship and SME scholarship for international students (degree students) of 2020/2021 academic year is starting. International students who meet the application requirements must send the application materials (scanned version) to

No.1 Scholarship Introduction

Scholarship Category:

Scholarships for international degree students

Subject of the Award:

International degree student who has studied for degree programs in SME (enrolled before September, 2019)

ZJSU Scholarship Amounts:

First Class Scholarship: 70% of Annual Tuition Fees

Second Class Scholarship: 50% of Annual Tuition Fee

Third Class Scholarship: 30% of Annual Tuition Fee

SME Scholarship Amounts:

1. For bachelor students

First Class Scholarship: 5000 yuan

Second Class Scholarship: 4000 yuan

Third Class Scholarship: 3000 yuan

2. For postgraduate students

First Class Scholarship: 7000 yuan

Second Class Scholarship: 5000 yuan

Third Class Scholarship: 3000 yuan

No.2 Application Requirements

(1) Comply with the laws and regulations of China;

(2) Comply with the regulations of Zhejiang Gongshang University, haven't receive any punishment in the academic year 2019/2020;

(3) The scholarship applicants must study hard and have an average grade above 80 in the academic year 2019/2020 [according to the results of the final exams (the course make-up exam, retaking courses performance are not counted in), no absent record in final exams], or have outstanding performance in other aspects;

(4) If the scholarship applicants who have already enrolled in our school fail to pay the tuition fees and accommodation fees of the previous academic year in full in accordance with regulations, or the attendance rate during school hours is less than 80%, the application for scholarship in the current year will be cancelled.

No.3 Application Method

The scholarship applicants must send the following application materials (scan and zip them) to email with a title "YOUR FULL NAME+YOUR STUDENT ID+SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION" before September 15, 2020 (Tuesday).

(1) Scholarship Application Form for International Students (For Enrolled Students), filled out in Chinese or English;

Note: download the attachment to fill out the application form.

(2) Personal statement. Write in Chinese or English. The content may include your on-campus study plan, research plan, and reasons for the application, etc.;

(3) Certificate materials of various awards (if any);

(4) Publication of academic papers or academic results (if any);

(5) A copy of your passport.

Attachment: Scholarship Application Form for International Students (For Enrolled Students).doc

School of Management and E-Business

September 6, 2020