Learning by Entrepreneurial Ventures and other research projects in International Entrepreneurship


主讲人:Dr. Jingting Liu

时 间:2019年3月25日(周一)下午13:40-15:40。

地 点:现代商贸研究中心436会议室


Dr. Jingting Liu is an Assistant Professor of International Business at CU Denver’s Business School. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Marketing with a specialization in International Business from Georgia State University (GSU). She has extensive experience working with the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at Georgia State University. Prior to her academic pursuit, Professor Liu also had various professional experiences working in the marketing, entertainment, and education service industries.  

Jingting Liu’s research interest lies in international entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial innovation, and innovation from emerging markets. Her research has been published in scholarly journals, including International Business Review and Research Handbook on Export Marketing.